Their Story is Our Story

We are Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers.

Since day one, our story has been their story. Maybe you can relate, too...

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, our Founder and Chief Medical Director, has experienced firsthand the heartache of learning that his father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He, too, struggled with the fear of losing someone he loved dearly. The conventional treatments prescribed to his father left them both feeling frightened and despondent.

Marcy Jimenez, our CEO, also knows the cancer journey all too well. Her daughter Whitney (featured in the I Am Hope film) was 6 years old when she was diagnosed. Marcy was devastated, scared, and hopeless as doctors gave her the grim statistics of Whitney’s chances of living.

It is from these fear-filled beginnings that our foundation of hope and healing started.

Dr. Antonio Jimenez sought a different route of healing for his father – one that built up his immune system, targeted the cancer with non-toxic therapies, and helped him deal with the emotional and spiritual struggles of cancer. His father healed from prostate cancer and lived cancer-free until passing from heart disease much later in life.

Marcy’s daughter Whitney was one of the original patients at the Hope4Cancer clinic and is now in her 20’s, cancer-free, and a mom to a beautiful son. They both sought healing outside of what is being offered in the U.S. medical system, which is largely controlled by pharmaceutical companies and prohibitive regulation against non-toxic and less profitable options.

These humble beginnings have now lead to great change!

We operate two of the world's leading cancer treatment facilities in Mexico with over 200 staff members – the best doctors, nurses and healthcare specialists that you could hope to find. Our staff is devoted to treating cancer holistically, and we’re at the forefront of the most cutting edge science-based cancer treatments this world has to offer.

Our doctors treat the whole person, not just cancer markers or assessments based on statistics. Instead, they strive each day to truly follow the Hippocratic Oath, in order to any good you must “first do no harm.” They aim to give each patient the best individual chance of surviving and thriving in their healing journey...mind, body & soul.

Your story is our story.

On this website, we want you to witness through the experiences of our patients that you do have options. Options that can bring life to your body and provide amazing results. We want you to be educated on your options and see that there is hope.

There is hope for cancer.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, we encourage you to learn more on our website or schedule a call with us today.